Strategic Planning Process

Phase I: Organization (September)

The PTF met on September 13, 2018, for a training session to create a communication plan, to develop a work plan, to clarify roles, and to identify forums for engagement and data gathering.


Phase II: Data Gathering and Engagement (September-November)

In groups of two, members of the PTF are currently collecting data through research, surveys, and face-to-face meetings with various university stakeholders such as students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


Phase III: Sensemaking (November-January)

Teams will present their data to the PTF for review, at which time the entire group will identify the strategic themes that they might want to include in the Master Plan (e.g. Academic Excellence, Affordability, Communication, Community, Diversity, Program Growth, Research, Student Activities). Teams will then create concept papers (approximately five pages in length) on each theme. These concept papers will be reviewed and edited by the PTF and sent out to the campus community in preparation for the Vision Conference.


Phase IV: Vision Conference (February)

During a conference involving a larger set of stakeholders from across the university community, participants will review and discuss the concept papers before taking part in various exercises designed to create a “Preferred Future” for the university, ideas that will be used to create the first draft of a Vision Statement in the strategic plan.


Phase V: Goals Conference (April)

In this phase, the PTF creates a broad implementation plan for the institution, creating a set of strategic goals and action plans for each strategic theme.

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